International Service
The Rotary Club of Campbell River has a rich history of projects undertaken to improve the quality of life, provide health care, clean water, food, education and other essential needs primarily in the developing world

It is our responsibility and privilege to participate in World Community Service Projects.   Our club has sponsored many projects throughout developing nations around the world and participates in international projects directly and through donations to the Rotary Foundation.  

International projects are funded through Member Donations primarily, Public Pumpkins for Polio Auction, Dancing & Tapas Event for Wheelchairs, and Rotary and Government grants.  .
The following map highlights where our Club has contributed to better living in the world.


This nasty, debilitating disease was virtually erased from the western world decades ago.  Children were the core victims.  In 1985 (the worldwide count was then 350,000 active cases) Rotary began an earnest drive to eradicate polio from the world, much as was done with small pox earlier in the century.  Rotary has partnered with the World Health Organization, US Centres for Disease Control, the US Government and others.  Enormous strides have been made.  The world is nearly free of polio with only Pakistan and Afghanistan showing cases but the virus is only an airplane ride away.  Rotary’s contribution to this polio initiative will total well over $1 billion Canadian, at victory.  .  After eradication, these costs can be saved and directed to other humanitarian purposes.

World Community Service

The World Community Service program was launched in 1967.  Each year Rotarians provide about $26 million US in funds and supplies.  Projects have 3 criteria; humanitarian in nature, two or more countries involved and the project site must be in a participating country.  The Rotary Club of Campbell River has a long history of funding international projects from member donations.  This members’ money is often referred to as ‘seed’ money.  A program may be shared with other clubs; funds may be matched by our Rotary District (Vancouver Island and northwest Washington State) and by the Rotary Foundation.

Our Club's International Projects HIstory
2023 (Fall) Planning for Kenya Mobility Fair with training, and wheelchair distribution, (200 wheelchairs), Global Grant Project, Budget US$57,000, Joint District & Club contribution US$30,000
2022 Castlegar Rotary Club for water project to supply clean gravity fed water to a village in Nueva Esperanza, CLUB contributed C$4,500
2022 Lakewood Rotary project for heart equipment at a children’s hospital in Nepal, Club contributed C$2,500 to support.
2022 (Fall) Kenya, Vision and Eye Health Care for Vulnerable Populations, Global Grant Project, budget US$35,250, Joint District & Club contribution US$10,000
2021 Nepal Mobile Medical Camps- disabled children and rheumatic heart disease, Global Grant, Budget US$41,028, 3 funding partners, Club contributed US$5669
2020 Latrine Block Project, Ivory Coast, Global Grant, Budget US$164,943, 15 funding partners, Club contributed US$10,451
2020 Snoul, Cambodia Water & Sanitation Project. Well & Toilet building at school, 150 household water filters with training. DCG – Budget US$ 7,000 project, Club contribution US$3,500
2020 DONATE FOR LIFE: Medical equipment for the Elena Beldiman hospital in Barlad, Romania, to fight against COVID 19, Global Grant, Budget US$42,900, 5 funding partners, Club contributed US$1,575
2019 (Spring) Moldova and Romania Mobility Fair with training, and wheelchair distribution (~185 wheelchairs, plus walker, crutches, cane, transfer boards, transfer belts) 1st phase of Global Grant Project, Budget US$60,000, Joint District & Club contribution US$23,000
2019 (Fall) Moldova and Romania Mobility Fair with training, and wheelchair distribution (~185 wheelchairs, plus walker, crutches, cane, transfer boards, transfer belts) 2nd phase of Global Grant Project, Budget US$60,000, Joint District & Club contribution US$23,000
2018 (February) Guatemala wheelchair distribution (200 wheelchairs) Joint District & Club, no grants
2018 Nepal Reproductive Health Project, Global Grant, Budget US$46,501, 6 funding partners, CLUB contributed US$4666
2018 Nepal Disabled Children Support Project, Global Grant, Budget US$49,539, 6 funding partners, Club contributed US$4384
2017 (Spring) Bali wheelchair distribution (200 wheelchairs) Joint District & Club, no grants
2017 - Nepal - Disabled Children project - (Club $7,000)
2015-2018 - Wheel Chair Program - the Club typically contributes $1,500 annually to support the Wheel Chair program.  In addition, members have attended distributions in several countries.
2015-2018 Mid-Island Group (MIG) - Project support - as a member Club in MIG since 2015, the Club has contributed directly to the following projects: Ghana Blood Bank ($1,250) and Nepal School Rebuild ($1,290) and indirectly to many others.
2016/2017   Nepal - Reproductive Health and Mobile Health Camps - (Club $ 6,850) (Total $44,525)
Jan-2016   District of Abidjan - Latrine Block Project in Ivory Coast (D9101) - Our club is the International Partner. This project is supported by nine other clubs on the Island (Port Hardy, Port McNeill, CR Daybreak, Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland Centennial, Strathcona Sunrise, Qualicum, Nanaimo), Burnaby Deer Lake, 4 clubs and 2 Districts in USA, and 1 Club & 1 D. in Australia.  (Club $ 10,720) (Total 164,943)
Jan-2016   Panama - "Florida" Corregimiento Trinidad, Capra ($USD) - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $11,000)
Jan-2016   Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Early Childhood Learning (5 clubs - 2 districts), (Club $ 2,000) (Total $39,000)
Dec-2016   Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Early Childhood Learning (5 clubs - 2 districts) six-month program - (Club $2,000) (Total $7,200)
Nov-2015   La Penitas, Mexico - toilets and water pump at elementary school - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $1,000)
Oct-2015   Ethiopia - Rotoplast surgery - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $1,000)
Sep-2015 - Mid-Island group -  Club joined Nanaimo Mid-Island WCS Group, contribution to projects - (Club $ 650)
Sep-2015   Honduras - Isfield Interact Club – Courtenay – repair school roof - (Club $500) (Total $10,000)
Jul-2015   Honduras - Creston Rotary - water - (Club US$ 2,000) (Total $118,000)
May-2015   Nepal - Earth quake relief (Club US$2,000) (Total $2,000)
Apr-2015   Wheel Chair - Dancing with Tapas contribution - (Club $ 1,500)
Dec 2014   Colima, Mexico - "Project Amigo" donation of Children’s Glasses - 100 pairs part of above Auto refractor project - (Club $ 2,150) (Total $2,150)
Nov 2014   Comayagua, Honduras - Water supply for five [5] villages sponsored by the Comox RC - (Club $ 7,500) (Total $105,000)
Oct 2014   Sunyani, Ghana - Reconstruction of Elementary School sponsored by the Nanaimo Oceanside (Club $ 1,525) (Total $68,894
Oct 2014   Rotary Foundation - "End Polio Now", Pumpkin for Polio Events.  Two Pumpkins for Polio events were held - One in the CR Men’s Club and one in our club. - (Club $ 5,415) (Total $16,245 (tripled through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
June 2014   Honduras - Pure Water Honduras Project 50 water wells throughout Honduras. The project was sponsored by Port Townsend RC, 5020 District project together with WorldVision. - (Club $ 1,500) (Total $529,000)
May 2014   Las Penitas, Honduras - New water system Project, Pipeline and Water Reservoir - Project completed April 2015 – Daybreak, S. Cowichan, Port McNeill, Strathcona Sunrise - (Club $ 7,375) (Total $45,412)
Jan 2014   Colima, Mexico - District Matching grant for a "Auto Refractor" ophthalmic instrument for "Project Amigo" – Parksville, Port McNeill, CR Daybreak, Port Hardy, Colima, FYI Eye Centres - (Club $4,167) (Total $11,856)
Oct 2013 – Mar 2014    Rotary Foundation - "End Polio Now", Pumpkin for Polio Events - (Club $7,342)
Nov 2012   Philippines - "Disaster Aid Canada" for the victims of Typhoon Hayan.  - 4 Family Survival Boxes.  - (Club $3,000) (Total $6,000)
Jun 2012   SAN IGNACIO, Belize - "Toilet Blocks for Two Elementary Schools" - (Club $ 2,000) (Total $45,400)
Jun 2012   SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - "Penitas Arriba Water Project". develop: an intake structure/dam, a 4.5 km pipeline, a 30,000-gallon water reservoir tank, and 1.5 km of distribution pipes to the end users in the El Merendon Mountains west of San Pedro Sula to provide clean drinking water to the remote citizens, and enhance the protection of the watershed for the people of San Pedro Sula.  Partner Clubs include: CR Daybreak, S. Cowichan, Strathcona Sunrise, Port McNeill, - (Club $ 5,000) (Total $45,412)
Apr 2012    Africa - "Tree Planting Project" lead by the Carihi Interact Club - (Club $ 100)
Feb 2012   NAIVASHA, Kenya - "Borehole Well and Water Storage Project".  - (Club $ 2,500) (Total $62,250)
July 2011 - Aug 2012   SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - "Education and Literacy Project" - Provide school supplies to 81 El. Sch. Students; Provide school supplies to 110 Sec. Sch. Students, who will also attend the Vocational School; Provide school supplies to 50 Sec. Sch. Students; Train 80 fathers in job seeking and interview skills; Train 80 mothers in small business development; (Club $2,630) (Total $74,631)
May 2011 - SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - "Tierra Blanca Water Pipeline Project". A 14km long pipeline to bring fresh water to two remote communities outside Santa Barbara.  - (Club $ 5,175) (Total $52,500)
April 2011      Columbia - Daybreak RC's annual "Wheelchair Foundation Fundraising Drive"- (Club $ 1,000) (Total $42,000)
March 2011    KAKAMEGA, Kenya - "Protected Well Project" lead by the Strathcona Sunrise RC. The project featured the formal development of 50 surface springs, by protecting them with concrete bulkheads so the water can be collected in a sanitary manner - (Club $ 1,500) (Total $52,500)
Sept 2010   Pakistan - "Shelter Box Fundraising for Flood Victims in Pakistan". - 6 Family Survival Kits for delivery to Pakistan for the flood victims. - (Club $ 2,315) (Total $4,500)
June 2010   Argentina - Donation to the "Wheelchair Foundation Project" of the CR Daybreak Club - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $42,000)                $               
June 2010   SAN IGNACIO, Belize - “Dengue Fever Prevention” project for the Sacred Heart College – High School. The project was the initiative of S. Cowichan Rotary Club and included the construction of a 30" culvert and concrete lining of a 640' ditch. (Club $ 2,500) (Total $66,000)
Aug. 2009 – 2010    MERENDON MOUNTAINS, Honduras - Micro Credit Loans went to people in 30 communities in the Merendon Mountains west of San Pedro Sula. The micro loans were used to help create small business using 30 Eco Ovens provided under a separate project. Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Campbell River Daybreak, Usula, and South Cowichan each contributed $2,000.  (Club $ 12,000) (Total $44,250)
July 2009 - May 2010   SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - Four (4) Porth-A-Caths for the Oncology Dep. Of Mario Caterino Rivas Hospital. The units were delivered in March 2010. Initiative of Pieter Koeleman after a visit in April 2009 - (Club $ 1,570) (Total $1,570)
Jan. 2010   Haiti - Earthquake Relief Shelter boxes: The total amount was raised both through the club and community. Home Hardware Store, The Carihi Interact Club, and the Club raised enough money for 50 boxes. - (Club $ 5,544) (Total $15,465)
May - August 2010   SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - 2nd Floor Vocational Institute, Phase 3 - Project consists of: Construction of 7 classrooms and 7 washrooms at the existing Vocational Institute: Educational Material & supplies for the Vocational Institute students, Educational material & supplies for Elementary students, and Books & supplies for Adults Literacy Course Completed in April 2012. - (Club $ 2,630) (Total $77,605)
Dec 2009 - May 2010   SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - 2nd Floor Vocational Institute, Phase 2 - complete two new class rooms on top of the second floor of Phase 1. - (Club $ 3,000) (Total $3,000)
Aug. 2009 – 2010   SANTA BARBARA, Honduras - “Construction 2nd Floor Vocational Institute” - Project is initiative of RC Creston. Two volunteers worked for two weeks - Richard Calverley and Pieter Koeleman on the project and Tom Wells for 1 week. - (Club $ 2,500) (Total $40,000)
Jan 2009 - Jan 2010   NAIVASHA, Kenya - “Water & Sanitation Project for six (6) Elementary Schools” Initiated by the CR Daybreak Club - (Club $ 2,500) (Total $21,090)
Jan 2009 - Nov 2009    SAN IGNACIO, Belize - “Sanitation & Septic System for Elementary School” Project of the S. Cowichan RC Our club supported this project - (Club $ 2,248) (Total $21,523
May 2008 - Feb 2009    SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - “Six Pieces of Laboratory Equipment” for the Pathology Department of the Mario Caterino Rivas Hospital. - Equipment was donated by the CR & D Hospital. (Club $500) (Total $2,000)
Oct. 2008   Liberia - “School Supplies for 2 Elem. Schools” Initiative of the Universal Outreach Foundation.  - (Club $ 6,000) (Total $6,000)
Oct 2006 - Jul 2009     EL ZAPOTAL / SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - “Furniture & Educational Material” for the 4 Classroom Pre-School Official presented on March 21, 2009 - (Club $ 3,500) (Total $14,250)
Oct. 2006 - Apr. 2008    EL ZAPOTAL / SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - Construction 4 Classroom Pre-School 4 other clubs supported this project: Port Hardy, Port McNeill, CR Daybreak, S. Cowichan - Three (3) volunteers, Richard Calverley, Scotty MacLaren and Pieter Koeleman worked for four weeks on the project. - (Club $ 5,000) (Total $50,000)
2007-2008   TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Vegetable Garden Project” for 600 Elementary Schools in Honduras - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $49,425) 
2006-2007   SAMSUN, Turkey - 3 pieces of Medical equipment for Children Dep. in Ladik State Hospital’: (Club $ 2,176) (Total $14,944)
2005   Ethiopia - Clean Water Initiative Project - (Club $ 1,000) (Total $80,000)
Oct 2004   CHIANG MAY, Thailand - Water Purification System for District School ‘Wat Thoeng’  Clean Water Initiative Project (CWIP) - (Club $ 1,500) (Total $1,500)
Jun 2000 - Feb 2002   TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Water & Sanitation for 3 Rural Communities - (Club $ 3,000) (Total $31,185)
Oct. 1998 and Feb 2002   KADAKKAL, state of  KERALA, India - Water & Sanitation in ‘Nilamel’ Health Clinic - (Club $ 1,064) (Total $4,256)
1996-1997   MAGADAN, Far East Russia - Wheelchairs for Disabled Children - 30 new wheelchairs, 12 refurbished - Co-Sponsors: Courtenay, Port Hardy; (Club $ 1,395) (Total $12,652)
1994-1995   SANTIAGO, Chile - Blood Donor Van - District 5020 Project (Club $ 1,500) (Total $12,000)
1990-1991   KIVI, Kenya - Construction of a Water Dam for irrigation. (Club $ 5,341) (Total $32,046)