Contact: Myriah Foort
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Campbell River
In person at The Maritime Heritage Centre (MHC) and on Zoom

Long Program: Club Committees Meeting 

We are using this club committee meeting to re-visit our strategic plan approved in the fall and reviewed in February. To review from our work plan what has been achieved so far, what do we wish to accomplish by the end of this 2023/2024 year in June, what is to be deferred until next or the folloiwng year. 

This review will be based on the strat plan approved in fall 2023, with columns to update for status as of May 2024. The document will be sent closer to the meeting. 

This check in will ensure we as a club are working to achieving our strategic goals through varoius work plan items, and we are aligned in our focus and efforts across the club. 

This update will be used to celebrate what we accomplished this past year on our strat plan, and what we pass onto the club to continue the work in the 2024/25 year.