International Service

The Rotary Club of Campbell River has a rich history of projects undertaken to improve the quality of life, provide health care, clean water, food, education and other essential needs primarily in the developing world

It is our responsibility and privilege to participate in World Community Service Projects.    Our club has sponsored many projects throughout developing nations around the world. These projects focus on three key areas:

  • Education
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Healthcare and Medical Services
Our club participates in international projects directly and through donations to the Rotary Foundation.  International projects are funded through member donations and Rotary grants – no local funds are used for these projects.  Many of our major projects in World Community Service have had a Central America focus.
  • Worldwide eradication of polio.   
  • Providing hospital equipment to San Pedro Sula, Honduras;
  • School construction in Santa Barbara, Honduras;
  • Provision of wheel chairs to th ird world people;
  • Distribution of Shelter Boxes in disaster relief around the world;  
  • Group Study Exchanges;
  • Ambassadorial programs; and
  • Eradication of Polio
The following map highlights where our Club has contributed to better living in the world.


This nasty, debilitating disease was virtually erased from the western world decades ago.  Children were the core victims.  In 1985 (the worldwide count was then 350,000 active cases) Rotary began an earnest drive to eradicate polio from the world, much as was done with small pox earlier in the century.  Rotary has partnered with the World Health Organization, US Centres for Disease Control, the US Government and others and set an eradication goal for 2005, Rotary’s 100th Anniversary.  Enormous strides have been made.  The world is nearly free of polio; some set backs in Nigeria and that region of Africa are being repaired.  Today’s count is a few hundred.  Rotary’s contribution to this polio initiative will total about $1 billion Canadian, at victory.  Contributions per individual Rotarian in this club runs over $40,000 or over $600 per member over 15 years.  The virus is only an airplane ride away.  After eradication, these costs can be saved and directed to other humanitarian purposes.

World Community Service

The World Community Service program was launched in 1967.  Each year Rotarians provide about $26 million US in funds and supplies.  Projects have 3 criteria; humanitarian in nature, two or more countries involved and the project site must be in a participating country.  Eligible projects are listed in the WCS database, formed through Rotarians networking, and may be completed on a shared basis, by volunteers and in partnership with other grants.  The Rotary Club of Campbell River has a long history of funding international projects from member donations.  This members’ money is often referred to as ‘seed’ money.  A program may be shared with other clubs; funds may be matched by our Rotary District (Vancouver Island and northwest Washington State), by the Rotary Foundation  and for the Canadian clubs, CIDA.

Currrent Projects

Ongoing project to build and furnish a two-story school in Santa Barbara, Honduras.  The project is almost complete with a budget of over $120K.

Clean Water System for the Community of Las Penitas, Honduras. New water reservoirs and distribution piping for over 100 homes. Total Budget $47180 – Our commitment likely $5000-$6000

Ecological composting toilets Etta, Bolivia sponsored by RC Port Orchard ($1,000)

Water & Sanitation Phase 2 in Papua New Guinea sponsored by RC Centralia ($1,500)

School reconstruction in Sunyani area, Ghana, sponsored by RC Nanaimo Oceanside ($1,000)

(District) Water project initiated by Port Townsend RC in cooperation with World Vision. Our commitment was $ 1,500.

Honduras Water Project in Comayagua Valley initiated by RC Comox where decided to contribute $ 7500 and willing to go as high as $ 10,000 if required.

Past Projects

Project Amigo

Colima Mexico. District Matching Grant.  A $12k Autorefractor has been acquired and donated in 2013 which will assist in eye examinations in Mexico. Our clubs commitment $2000

Water Project - Tierra Blanca

A water project in Honduras worth an estmated $52K.  This project was funded by our Club - four other Island Clubs and an RI Global Grant and the project was completed in 2013.

Other 2013 Projects - $1,500 was donated to the Wheelchair Foundation during the Daybreak Club’s Dancing with  Tapas Event;  $500 was donated to Rotoplast providing plastic surgery for cleft palate patients;  $3,000 was donated  to Disaster Aid Canada for victims of Typhoon Hayan in the Philippines.  With matching funds from the Government of Canada, 8 family survival packs were delivered; and we raised and donated $7,200 for Polio eradication, which was matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations for a total of $21,600.


In 2009, the Club raised enough funds to send 10 Shelter Boxes to Haiti to help with the recovery from the earthquake there.  This aid was enough to shelter up to 100 people and provide them with basic survival equipment.

Nilamel Health Centre, Kadakkal, Kerala, India

A local health centre served 200 patients per day.  It lacked drinking water and sanitation services.  A new well was sunk and a “downstream” septic processor was added.


 In the millennium year Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras.  Three remote villages were without water and acceptable sanitation.  We partnered with another club and raised $3000 “seed” money which was boosted to $31,185 US and went to restoring/improving the quality of life for 300 families.  In 2002 more surplus hospital gear was dispatched to the Poco-Poco Service Society in Nicaragua.  We have completed “clean water” (purification) projects in northern Thailand and Ethiopia.  The key person behind the hospital gear donations was Rotarian Andy Adams.

Water Dam in Kivi, Kenya

The supervising club was the Rotary Club of Nairobi, Kenya 60 miles west of Kivi.  This project entailed the building of an earth filled dam to capture and hold the wet season fast runoff water for use in the dry or drought season.  It was a big success.  Overall costs were $32,046 of which local Rotarians donated $5,341.

2004 Tsunami Disaster, Southeast Asia, Boxing Day

The monster tsunami that rolled into Thailand and area is still fresh in our memories.  This Rotary club responded quickly in raising funds to help with the relief and rebuilding efforts  - $8,325 was raised by personal donations and the proceeds of a record White Elephant Sale, $2,100. 

Wheelchairs for Magaden, Russia

In 1995, a World Community Service project was started to aid the many housebound disabled children in Magaden.  Courtenay and Port Hardy Rotary partnered with us.  Thirty new pediatric wheelchairs and twelve used wheel chairs and strollers were supplied.

Hospitals in the Developing World

In 1993-94 several of our Island hospitals were refurbished.  One country’s surplus is another country’s treasure.  Hospital beds, mattresses, over bed, bed tables, chairs and a host of other used but still serviceable gear was dispatched to several different parts of the world.  We partnered with other Rotary clubs to help outfit hospitals in Changdon Province, China.  Another shipment went to the Foundation for Children in Haiti, Cebu, The Philippines, Orphan and Aid Relief in Navodari, Romania. The big one was shipping two containers of gear, including operating room equipment, stretchers and everything else needed to equip a new hospital in Auce, Latvia.